Change… And my first unintentional set

SET (Taranto – Mercato Rione Salinella – December 2013 – LC-A)







Ok. Here we go… Once again.

Big change, as the title reads, because I’ve decided I want to switch to English and not Italian anymore. I don’t know if the purpose is to be reached more easily or what. Probably not, at least not yet. But I do think it serves two purposes

1) My English has greatly improved over the past year and a half. Of course my job has played a decisive role and speaking English day in and day out has kind of moved my mindset in that direction. Forcing myself to choose this as my “writing-language” can only help furthermore.

2) In case I do want to be reached, looked up and so on, writing Italian can only make my work available and fully understandable by a limited circle of people, and it wouldn’t be fair. Especially considering i have the ability to use both languages pretty fluently.

I’m also going to add a link to my Flickr profile to the homepage right after i post this, and i have been starting to also think about deleting this and moving completely to a different host/url. What I’m writing about recently and what i plan to write about in the future does not reflect anymore the initial purpose of creating this Blog. I first started it as an outlet (it still is) but with profound personal connotation. Whatever was on my mind in certain moments (when my head felt like it was exploding) I would come here and let it out. It was time of huge changes about to happen (or at least i was hoping) and they eventually did. I got over the hump and the intention with which post stuff now is completely different. My thoughts are coming from a completely different place.

The set above is my first unintentional set. Since i started shooting film a couple of months back i relied mainly on the most performing film camera I had which is the Minolta 7000. It clearly represents the predecessor of all modern day DSLRs in its functions and how it operates. So naturally I thought that was where I needed to point my attention when looking for good shots in my rolls. I was so wrong! 

Now that I’ve started to scan my rolls (half way through with the method described in my previous post) i was casually inverting all the shots and noticed a pattern in the shots above. I’ve been looking at my photos recently, trying to find a pattern, something in common to combine into a set. I’ve read about the experience of some photographers that find elements in their shots during editing that they were not aware of when they clicked the shutter. I thought that would be the casebut I was looking too hard.

These shots being in the same “family” is something that struck me immediately. It made sense to put them together as a set. Here is the link to the Flick set – Mercato Rione Salinella di Taranto.

Oh yeah…one last very important thing. Overnight i received confirmation that I will be one of the participants in a Workshop that will be held in London next November. I can’t even put into words how excited i am! And this time it’s not because i have the vocabulary of 4th grader…


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