PHOTO (Torino – December 2013 – Minolta 7000)2400-senza foglio-4blocc 1

Changed the layout, the colors, added a “Gears” page, starting to project this to what i want it to look like. I’m reading a book on HCB (Henri Cartier-Bresson) in these past days. A present from my girlfriend that probably comes from the not so subtle Jedi mind-tricks I’ve been playing on her about my (old-)new found interest. The first thing i heard about HCB (from blogs, documentaries and expos) was always this thing about the decisive moment. Another thing was general elements of composition and the fact that sometimes a scene won’t be complete until that one missing element will manifest itself, it will be there for a millisecond, and then go away forever. I remember it’s what i thought when i was walking in Torino last month with my camera around my neck. I liked the pillars on the left, the horizontal lines on the ground, the street coming diagonally towards the frame from the square, then before i could realize it a girl on a bicycle past right by me. That was it. So i waited, for a while. Luckily bikes are commonly ridden in Torino but I needed the right one and the right time as a car would always be in front, behind or on the other side of the road. A few minutes later i got exactly what I needed, i clicked and walked away hoping I got the shot and luckily I did.

The scanning part….well yeah visible film strip is I guess a product of my current transition to film. I like it a lot! And the tone is the original well known tone of the Ilford rolls which i also decided to keep. So no tweaking at all on this picture besides inverting. Even though it’s simple i really like it.

Shooting film is much more rewarding. I feel this shot would have not been as precious if it were coming from a CMOS sensor. I would have probably ended up getting the same or similar shot but it would have been buried among other 10 pretty much the same, and therefore it’s value would have been shared. Instead with film it’s all here. One shot. This is the concept that is keeping me so tight to film these days.

On a last note, I’d like to mention that this thing might get personal from time to time. And although I’ll try to focus mainly on my pictures (or ones from photographers i appreciate) I will not be able to stay away from what comes from passing all this time by myself. Sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes it’s music, sometimes an old photo or a new one. And sometimes I don’t even know. I thought it was going to be tonight, but instead the photo above captured my attention. I think breaking down photos is a good exercise, because you pick out, discuss and explain all the elements that came in to something that turned out good. And everything takes practice, even gathering all the thoughts needed in the process of taking a picture.

It’s late tonight and soon I’ll be going to sleep, this time hopefully before 2 am, which is awesome news. 


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