St. Petersburg

PHOTO (St.Petersburg – November 2013 – Minolta 7000)



Photo35_2 Photo28_9 Photo26_11 Photo21_16 Photo13_24 Photo03_34 Photo09_28 Photo27_10 Photo23_14


I usually post my photos on Flickr. I don’t know why but i kept this set private, opening up only 4 photos at a time thinking “I got something good here… Better not waste it all in one time!” How foolish. It’s not like writers publish 15 pages at a time because they know they got a good story…

Anyway the photo above is randomly taken from this Set which is full of meaning for me. Not only it was the first time I went completely analog for a trip, but also the time in which i purchased my LC-A which i didn’t even know at the time was originally made in that very place: St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is where i rebooted my photography. A few days before before leaving I was already thinking what lens I would bring along. A 50? a 28-75? The fisheye? But then I thought “WAIT! It’s gonna be sub-zero over there…. My battery is going to last 5 minutes. And then what? – I must have been drinking or something when i went through this thought process – I got it! I’ll go analog!” So smart-ass me picked up the “analog” camera from the shef. A battery charged Minolta 7000 i picked up at a Naples flea market a couple of years back that i never got around to test.

And that was it…. I know, I’m an idiot for going through that thought process and ending up with a battery charged film camera, and it becomes even more comical if you think that I’m an Engineer (or maybe it makes perfect sense?)… But it did serve its purpose as I moved to film because I fell in love with it. Every shot gained 10x the value, and I got back to enjoying the shoot rather than sitting in front of my computer weeks later watching the pics on my screen trying to pick the valuable ones among thousands.

What I ended up with was three rolls, under 100 shots, and a set that will always make me remember why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

Wow, two sets in two days. I better not get used to this….


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