Another roll. And plans for the weekend.

PHOTO (Napoli, Via Costantinopoli – December 2013 – LC-A)

LOMOPhoto17_18A 1:1:1970

Another roll dropped at the shop today. I was hoping to get it back developed earlier than next week but I guess that’s just how it goes around here. My thoughts tonight involve how to use my weekend and I have two available option which both tend towards shooting. One is analog, and another one suprisingly enough involves digital.

  • Option 1) go back to Naples on Friday night after work after a 4 something hour drive. Maybe go out while still on my Redbull rush that i will drink in 10 secs while i get out of the office to not fall asleep behind the wheel. Big city, nice little downtown old city center. I would be alone (case number 2 as well so not a factor). Film, definitely as i will have no time to edit anyways. This would be on Saturday morning. Saturday night partying with one of my best friends for his birthday party. Sunday morning drive another 4 something hours back, tired, drawn out. Highway + gas = 120 euros. Monday morning hating myself at work.
  • Option 2) stay here. Plan a Saturday and a Sunday morning shoot somewhere in the Salento area. Maybe even in my own town. Go saturday morning digital, Sunday analog just so i can spend the weekend having fun with some RAW files. No partying, no alcohol but maybe just a little wine at lunch by myself or an amaro at night while i listen to some good music and play around in Lightroom. Gas cost to get me places maybe a 20 euros or less to drive around the Salento area. Monday morning hating myself at work.

Well there they are… my two possible roads to go down this Friday. I would love some guidance or advice but it’s all up to me at this point. Oh and regardless of 1) or 2) i’m still driving back to Napoli on the 23rd to get my wisdom tooth extracted. Which sucks major ass…

I’m leaning on 2) after writing them down but I may change my mind. As of now this is not a photography related post but at the end it really is. In fact, the relief is i’m letting my passion drive. I miss my friends and my family but it’s in the possible photo walks that i find comfort if i think about my weekend. And if didn’t have that, the decision would have been already made, there wouldn’t even have been an option 2. So…. you’ll find out what i did in a later post. Buonanotte.


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