“Easy” is no way for improvement

PHOTO (Napoli – December 2013 – Minolta 7000)


I’ve been resizing and simply inverting my scanned negatives for the past hour and half three hours. Yeah, I’ve been watching TV in the meantime. Part of the reason is I do have some other interests, way more frivolous than photography, that I enjoy in my downtime (Masterchef, I don’t know how I got addicted, my bad..) . So I thought I might as well dedicate this passive time to do something that I really don’t enjoy which is resize my scans that basically look like this after i “scan” them.


What I realized by doing this is that some pictures, even the ones shot with my most “modern” film camera, are not exposed and focused as I would expect them to be. My russian set came out pretty decent, at least from an exposure/focus point of view. I shot all completely automatic (PROGRAM Mode). The reason I think all the shots came back pretty decent (focus/exposure) is because most were shot during the day (easy) and the ones that were shot at night I was by myself – most of night-ones I was by myself so they were shot manual – I had all the time in the world to think the shot out, compare to what I’m used to, pick the settings, and press the trigger. All my other shots besides St. Petersburg done with the same camera, different location and time, I took all the pictures for granted, thinking that just because I had my “modern” film camera with me I was going to be OK.


Easy does not mean good, and above all, it doesn’t mean improvement, which is what I am ultimately looking for.  So I think I’ll stay away from the Minolta in the upcoming times, I’ll try to refine my skills in understanding exposure and zone focus probably (using my Helios lens might help).

And that’s that. A proposal that is also valid for this upcoming weekend, which will take place down here, investing on my photography.


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