Useless Weekends

PHOTO (Russian skies – December 2013 – Lomo LC-A)

LOMOPhoto32_3A 1:1:1970

I usually jump on top here pretty late in the evening… The reason is I probably wait for something good to come up but the past two days have been quite dry.

I got a scanner for my negatives on Friday (used for 20 bucks, good deal), which i already can tell is a BIG leap forward in getting my film photos where I want them to be. I have to say I have quite a lot on my hands now and I really need to get myself to it. Scanning negatives is not just up to the machine and it has its own learning curve. I will definitely get my achievements here for anyone’s benefit.

This past weekend the weather got in between me and my plans. I did not end up shooting Sunday. And Saturday morning just had time for a brief walk in the Grottaglie old town, but shot with my Pentax so no immediate results to look at.

Felt like a pretty useless weekend, as most do, but at least I got the chance to see some movies. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is something I would suggest to anyone and especially if you’re into Photography. I really appreciated the tribute to Elliot Erwitt… 🙂


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