Space for improvement (and generic ramblings)

PHOTO (January 2014 – Taranto – Pentax SPF)

man_between_boats 1-2I’m nailing it down, one attempt at a time. Vuescan will not be an option in my workflow, at least for the time being.

The part I always loved about Photography was the shot, the moment when I clicked. Even more, with film, I appreciate it above anything else. The search, finding what i like, capturing it. The shot stays in my mind and sometimes I could care less about downloading/developing/archiving/posting. But, end of the day I’m still an engineer that likes to fiddle with whatever electronics I have at my disposal. And even though my inner core is dominated by chaos, my yang sometimes just wants to see thing nice and tidy.

Ok. I’ll admit I’m rambling. But this is what this is for, right?

The shot above was taken in Taranto, during an early Sunday afternoon walk. Everybody is already at home waiting for boiling water to give back a nice meal. I was just walking carelessly, thinking about composition. The attempt was well worth it although the result is not exactly what I pictured in my mind. Oddly enough my eye was able to distinctly see the ships on the background and I was just waiting for something to be added to the composition. That’s where i waited for the man to come into the frame. I got what I wanted even though the final result is not as good as I thought it would turn out.

I guess it was a helpful exercise, and that I will refine my ability to get a well composed shot. So it’s all for the better. I ain’t goin nowhere and I really do feel like I have space for improvement.

….Oh yeah – and stay away from crappy film FFS!!! It’ll just make your life more complicated when scanning, and you’ll regret not having some precious memories with something worth saving for the future.



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