Rarely do I post anything that is not related to some thought process that I have going on for a while but this really deserves some appreciation.

16 euros (total) on a flea market in Martina Franca. A compact I had my eyes on for a while AND the m42 cheap-ass wide angle lens I have struggling to find for the last few months.

This will definitely settle my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) for quite some time. Hopefully.


Those rare times when Engineering comes in handy

Times like these.

I finally understood where my bad scans came from, although it took me a little trial and error.

So basically I was getting this weird orange vertical lines on the edges of my shots. Here’s what I’m talking about:



Worst thing was I had absolutely NO IDEA what it was coming from… And I was just about clueless on what keywords to give Google to help me out. I tried extending the the scanning area (thinking it was due to some sort of weird color balancing) but with no success, flipping the negative, I tried to find a sweetspot in my scanning cartridge – Nothing. And so I just thought I had a crappy old second hand scanner… Then i noticed that my negatives were always in sets of 4 pictures and the ones in the middle never showed this kind of behaviour… and then it hit me. The 4 picture negatives where coming from an entire roll that i personally cut up myself, therefore was completely winded. The edges at each cut were more distant to the scanners glass than the rest of the picture, hence the ORANGE (duh..) gradation of the negative itself (maybe..).

Anyway, end result is my scans are looking a lot better now. And also closing out the scan area around the picture itself helps the color balance out considerably. So….I’m scanning a lot now. And glad I can do it successfully.

Plus my scanner is so slow I can watch my sitcoms while I scan 16 pictures. Convenient as well!!

Post (-it)

PHOTO (June 2013 – Chicago – Canon 1000D)


Unfortunately these days have been so dense with work that all I have the power to do once i get home is nap. It’s something that I would avoid, but I just feel so tired when I get back home and I can’t help it at all. I get the right amount of sleep hours (7), and it just seems to make me even more tired in the late afternoons. It was almost better when i slept 5 hrs a night. Yes, waking up was a bitch but at least I was more functional when got home. I think I just need some time to adjust. Plus I’m working this weekend.

Some things i want to pin here for the upcoming days:

1) Buy some non C-41 BW film. 

2) Strictly related to number 1 – Buy the necessary chemicals to develop those non C-41s on my own.  The photo shop in Grottaglie takes 2-4 days to develop my negatives and it’s a real pain. I lose all the excitement during the wait. I have strong desires to explore my rolls once I’m done buuuut 4 days is just too much. Plus if I shoot on a Saturday afternoon i won’t get me negatives back before Thursday. And if that thursday happens to be hard days work, I’m just going to postpone scanning to the weekend (IF I’m even at home). I understand the fact that the rolls need to rest, but if you take away from the excitement now that I just started, then it’s really hard to be constant.

3) Order some interesting books on Amazon. Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of the Museum of Modern  being the first. And then also a book on Saul Leiter. The first one comes from a post from Eric Kim’s Blog where he invites readers to take on a 10-week project to improve your approach to photography. I found the read very interesting and the project is a classic “why not?”. Looking at Photographs is one of the required readings and even if end up not doing the project, it’s still a book I’m curious to read.

4) Get even on the scans I need to complete before I develop anything else and organize/archive all the negatives I have laying around. This is really a must before things get too crazy in my apartment and I lose track.

Ok, so I may not have this weekend since I might be working Saturday AND Sunday. But I got a full week of lazy afternoons and definitely next weekend so… My hopes are high that I can complete all 4 of my goals soon.

Lost Chances

PHOTO (April 2011 – New York – Canon 1000D)


Lost chances like the ones I lost during my last time out. Two are the ones that come to my mind:

1) The old man kicking me out of his property but from whom I got full sympathy.

2) The guy taking old electronics apart at the train station, and that I didn’t even mention in my post.

What a rush….scrolling through my thousand plus photos posted on Flickr in these last 4 years… Searching for something to represent my state of mind right now. And bumped into this. Casually taken, probably one among so many that I like the most.

I’m half drunk, probably at the right spot, my tiredness has taken over and I feel like posting and getting the hell over with it.

Yeah, personal post, I apologize. Should’ve talked about my weekend out, work that’s taken over my existence (like 3rd shift on a Sunday night and steady 10hrs a day), little time I have to live, and a dentist appointment I’ve been postponing for soooo long.

But now it’s just the music, a phone call before bed, my pictures and my thoughts jumping all over. And I feel good.

Talk to you at a time when I can think straight.