Lost Chances

PHOTO (April 2011 – New York – Canon 1000D)


Lost chances like the ones I lost during my last time out. Two are the ones that come to my mind:

1) The old man kicking me out of his property but from whom I got full sympathy.

2) The guy taking old electronics apart at the train station, and that I didn’t even mention in my post.

What a rush….scrolling through my thousand plus photos posted on Flickr in these last 4 years… Searching for something to represent my state of mind right now. And bumped into this. Casually taken, probably one among so many that I like the most.

I’m half drunk, probably at the right spot, my tiredness has taken over and I feel like posting and getting the hell over with it.

Yeah, personal post, I apologize. Should’ve talked about my weekend out, work that’s taken over my existence (like 3rd shift on a Sunday night and steady 10hrs a day), little time I have to live, and a dentist appointment I’ve been postponing for soooo long.

But now it’s just the music, a phone call before bed, my pictures and my thoughts jumping all over. And I feel good.

Talk to you at a time when I can think straight.




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