Post (-it)

PHOTO (June 2013 – Chicago – Canon 1000D)


Unfortunately these days have been so dense with work that all I have the power to do once i get home is nap. It’s something that I would avoid, but I just feel so tired when I get back home and I can’t help it at all. I get the right amount of sleep hours (7), and it just seems to make me even more tired in the late afternoons. It was almost better when i slept 5 hrs a night. Yes, waking up was a bitch but at least I was more functional when got home. I think I just need some time to adjust. Plus I’m working this weekend.

Some things i want to pin here for the upcoming days:

1) Buy some non C-41 BW film. 

2) Strictly related to number 1 – Buy the necessary chemicals to develop those non C-41s on my own.  The photo shop in Grottaglie takes 2-4 days to develop my negatives and it’s a real pain. I lose all the excitement during the wait. I have strong desires to explore my rolls once I’m done buuuut 4 days is just too much. Plus if I shoot on a Saturday afternoon i won’t get me negatives back before Thursday. And if that thursday happens to be hard days work, I’m just going to postpone scanning to the weekend (IF I’m even at home). I understand the fact that the rolls need to rest, but if you take away from the excitement now that I just started, then it’s really hard to be constant.

3) Order some interesting books on Amazon. Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of the Museum of Modern  being the first. And then also a book on Saul Leiter. The first one comes from a post from Eric Kim’s Blog where he invites readers to take on a 10-week project to improve your approach to photography. I found the read very interesting and the project is a classic “why not?”. Looking at Photographs is one of the required readings and even if end up not doing the project, it’s still a book I’m curious to read.

4) Get even on the scans I need to complete before I develop anything else and organize/archive all the negatives I have laying around. This is really a must before things get too crazy in my apartment and I lose track.

Ok, so I may not have this weekend since I might be working Saturday AND Sunday. But I got a full week of lazy afternoons and definitely next weekend so… My hopes are high that I can complete all 4 of my goals soon.


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