Move some things out of the way, and make just enough some space to make yourself comfortable.

Get back to what you used to like or at least you think you do. Tonight’s different or probably it just feels like it but some things change, not really for the best but a turning point nonetheless. You would’ve probably thought it was going to be more of a curve, a 90 degrees or even a 180 – like the ones you’re used to. Probably more a 20. Those kind of turns don’t really change things much, they just shuffle, but still it’s a different direction than before. Should you embrace the change? You learned you have to, rather than fight it. It’s still a change and you might as well accept it. You thought it would bring you back to the things you liked and appreciated: friends, love, company, time going by and appreciating. You might still have those things but you have to find them in this 20 degree turn that you find yourself into and nobody knows what happens besides you. You’ll have time to clear up and think about this or you’re probably going to slide with the turn, accept it and go on. Sounds like a plan.

Quick translation for future me – I was growing the dream to go back home, but reality (good business decisions) proved to dominate what I thought was my chance. So I’m going to stay down south for awhile, maybe travel a bit more, maybe find a better house, maybe learn to like this place a little more. It is my home address at the end of the day…

The picture pretty much sums up my state of mind right now – there’s still a lot to climb to get to the top.


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