PHOTO (London – March 2014 – Scanned from film, printed and framed – Banana for scale)


I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, completely guilty – but it’s not like i’ve been inactive. Did some shooting here and there, been loving the x100s of course, developed some rolls and most of all printed some cool shots. Or at least I think they’re cool.

This one in particular deserved a frame in my opinion. Printing is indeed a big element probably close to anything else in Photography but we’ve really been used to be satisfied with just looking at pictures on our screens. I just hope I don’t cave in to buy a printer now, as I already got too much shit around in my really small home.

This shot right here was in the subway station in London a couple of weeks ago. I had just walked through that spotlight on my way to the stairs and thought “man the light here is amazing” but not much was happening but without even thinking why, i set the shutter speed anyways. As i approached the stairs i crossed path with an old man. Francesca and i were the last people to leave the train so i was pretty sure no one was behind us, so after the old man passed me by, i turned around, waited for him to get in the spotlight and clicked. I ran up the stairs because she was already up at that time and i remember thinking “1/15 of a second was a lot, this is gonna turn out all shaky, wish i had 400 film and not a 200. I could have pushed it to 1/30 or 1/60 and got a real good shot”. So imagine my surprise after i got the roll developed and scanned! (yeah, with my process scanning 4 rolls would have taken me forever).

Anyway, here’s the original scan. Very proud of this shot – not much going on but i think the surroundings and the light and the man are all at the right place in the frame so i really like it a lot. I almost never get so excited about a shot of mine, but i really like the feeling! 🙂