Good Intentions

Torino – Pentax – 29mm – Kodak ColorPlus 200 – April 2014


I won’t even spend time going into how much it’s been since I set foot in this place. And honestly, I’m not even sorry.

I haven’t been standing still, and actually have been shooting quite prolifically. I just got a lot of crappy shots… The intention has always been there (hence the title to this post), just didn’t get much reward. I walked an awful lot of miles, spent a lot of time with my beloved x100s and my wonderful Pentax (probably more with the latter – I literally love the process of loading the film). I did a lot of experimenting with different kinds of film . Found some really shitty ones, and bought some expensive Portra400 which I tried and haven’t developed yet. But I can tell the results are slowly manifesting themselves and this above is a perfect example.

Probably the best thing you can do when in the streets is know your surroundings and try to understand how certain scenes can develop into something useful, even when all you see is just hint – like in this case. I was walking in Torino, Piazza Vittorio, with a series of pictures hanging of disabled people (this was just one of them). In the background this girl was running towards me, and the juxtaposition became evident as soon as I saw here. My camera was already set (I had been walking for a couple of hours) and so all I had to do was slightly adjust the aperture and wait.

I don’t think this shot is all that great but the intention is what I like. Two worlds so apart enclosed in one frame. A pat on the back, and on to better things.


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