PHOTO (Napoli – July 2014 – X100s)
Sometimes you look at a picture passively, maybe you appreciate the photo itself, you stay on it a little, and maybe after going on to the next you go back to look at it some more. You stall, and then you go forward. I don’t know about you but this happens to me more often than not.

I’ve noticed recently that reading books helps my shooting a lot – sometimes I’m looking at a scene and suddenly a picture I saw in a book comes to my mind. And in the past few weeks I’m noticing this happening more often.

So I came to the realization that this is something I need to improve (since I already do it naturally and I think it’s a good thing). I will try, as best as I can, to stop whenever I look at a picture and try to do answer these simple questions: what was the person thinking when he/she clicked the shutter button? What was the reason  that made him/her think “Oh! This is something I need to shoot!”?. Simple as that. I’ll document the progress that comes out of this mental process in a few days/weeks.



Just a walk in my hometown with the sole purpose of consuming a roll of (expired) Portra that I bought last month half priced in Torino.  I wish I had more chances like this to just spend a morning shooting, with some music in my headphones, on to explore a city that -I think- I know so well. I catch up so late to what I really could take advantage of. I realise now that if only I figured out street photography 2 years ago, I would have so much more material. I feel this small town (Grottaglie) is pulling me back, and since I’m just starting I need an easier pool to swim in – a bigger city. Maybe the day I conquer my fear of approaching strangers to take their pictures in a small town, I’ll have a much easier time in the big city. Maybe this is just a boot-camp… one hell of a boot-camp though. The day I learn how to do it here, will change everything else into a piece of cake. That would be sweet. Photos (Napoli – June 2014 – Spotmatic – Portra 400) Photo28_10  Photo15_23









to overcome..

..your weaknesses.

Photo (London – March 2014)

It’s what I need to do. Focus more on what I’m currently not able to do. I would love my pictures just that little bit more if only I took a few steps closer before I took the shot. This is what I’m missing, and what I plan to concentrate more in the future.