Friday Night

PHOTO (La Habana – Sept.2014 -X100S)


It’s good to be back in my good old room. A lot of things have changed of course, but i can still feel comfortable enough. Got back yesterday from a 4 day business trip in the hills around Rome. Many hours and long days but good overall.

I was expecting a Friday night like the old days, but i can’t really expect much considering i’ve been M.I.A. in these past two years. But it’s all good – enjoying some quality time with my photo archive, mom’s pizza, learning to use my sister’s tablet, and picking up a friend at the airport.


State of mind

SELFIE (Salento 2014 – Scanned film – Portra 400)Photo07_31

No words tonight, just gathering thoughts and thinking about where to focus my attention. I was sleepy a couple of hours ago, now I’d need a drink to get myself to bed. The picture sums up my state pretty nicely.

No further going through my recent trip pics, I just decided 5 seconds ago I’ll let them linger a little bit. Maybe a week or a month or more. Maybe getting things in order first will help.

I hope my car starts tomorrow morning



PHOTO (La Habana Vieja – Sept.14)DSCF0366-4


Just got back home today after two awesome weeks. Lots of pictures taken (always wish I had more), both with my X100S and on film with my SPF. 900 digital plus 5 rolls of pictures that I can hardly even remember. I quickly went through a few of them, did a really rough edit, but there’s so much hours waiting for me there…. they’re gonna keep me busy for quite a while. Tomorrow I’ll get the rolls to the shop – hopefully have them back by thursday night by the time I’m through the initial edit.

Tomorrow I jump back on the wagon of everyday life – wish me luck.