Active but not showing it

Social media (blogging included) is never a good representation of of the person behind the screen. I’d say it can reflect 40% realistically what the person your reading is about, everything else can be anything else, completely beyond what you might think.

I was going through my recent blog posts and realised it was the case. It looks like I’m not taking pictures recently, but I’m not. I’m only shooting with film, and relaxing on a certain set of tones but i’m not.  I haven’t bought any good photography books, but I actually have. It looks like i’m done writing here but I’m not.

So here’s something from last week. It’s not film, It’s not my usual Kodachrome tone, and it’s inspired by some pictures i saw from Alex Webb’s use of light (I also picked up a book by him and his wife recently, highly recommended —> LINK).

December 2014 - Naples
December 2014 – Naples


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