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Barcelona - December 2014
Barcelona – December 2014

Yeah, last thing i thought was that i was going to end this Sunday with something productive like a blog post.

I was waiting so much on a weekend off that when i finally got it, i had no idea what i was supposed to do. I wish i spent more time on my photography, and i was about to go to sleep 5 mins ago thinking that i didn’t. I actually spent at least 3 hours on and off in these two days, carelessly editing my pictures from December 2014 until now. Roughly 3600 pictures which would seem quite a few, but in reality it’s not. I’m having a hard time finding the wish to shoot lately and i think part of it is the job, part of it the fact that i’m kinda done with being here. We’ll see how that goes in 6 months.

However one important thing i learned 5 mins ago by flicking quickly through my edited past 3 months. Editing is dramatically important. Quickly browsing through 3 months worth of photos i kept thinking to myself “this is all crap”. And don’t get me wrong, it mostly is… But when the number comes down to 200 it definitely is a different ball game. I know it sounds like a very simple concept, but filtering out all the “just for fun” shots i found quite a few that i didn’t totally dislike.

Napoli - January 2015
Napoli – January 2015

Something else worth mentioning is that i should probably start thinking about getting the lightroom subscription for 10 bucks a month. I’ve been waiting since the end of december to make a decision: either get the subscription or wait for lightroom 6 to come out. I read about a rumor it was due tomorrow, but no news to be found on the interweb so it seems unlikely. But then again, even if it does come out tomorrow, should i buy the standalone? i’ve been running away from the decision but i need to make it. I still haven’t figured out the benefit of one or the other but really don’t want to get sucked in a monthly payment forever. Decisions, decisions… buonanotte.


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