Saturday Mornings

After turning in bed a few times i finally decided i needed to get out. 9:30 became 10:30 and by 11 i was out and about. DSCF2808

Stopped by an open garage and saw this gentleman sorting out freshly picked olives from his own field. Was tentative about approaching him but told myself “fuck it” and went in. We had a good talk about his three 40+ year old sons, olives and the club he goes to with his mates. I snapped about 20 pics of him but this is the one i like because it was what i saw him do when i walked by. Got out with 1kg of black olives, which will be good to eat next year. Patience. DSCF2821

On the way to get an sd card reader due to my macbook (which sits on my desk 90% of the time) deciding it was time to retire the sd slot. DSCF2863 DSCF2871 DSCF2874 DSCF2878

Continued my walk to by some Mozzarella from Battipaglia. The type of cravings i allow myself on weekends. Across the street were these workers. They thought i was an inspector and approached me wanting to know what my business was. Unwillingly i chose the crappiest line of them all : “i’m a photographer”. I hate saying that out loud but they were visibly pissed off. DSCF2883 DSCF2887

This dude roams the street where i live. Always with a cigarette in his hand. Wonder what his story is. DSCF2916

A good walk. Not so good photos, but i appreciate the momentum. DSCF2932


Napoli in October

Just some random walking around town a couple of weekends ago. My hit ratio is not going up that much, but I am trying to appreciate my stuff more. I want to try and make short series out of any random walk and so here i go.
DSCF2498 DSCF2501 DSCF2502 DSCF2516 DSCF2520

It’s all in the mindset

I learned a valuable lesson today. I was in Martina Franca for the usual ‘3rd sunday of the month’ flea market and got there pretty early. Parked the car with my usual worry about getting it scratched, but as soon as i took my camera out, the mode was on. I immediately got in the mindset of “i’m here to take pictures not look for useless shit to buy” and boy did it serve well the purpose.



DSCF2739 DSCF2714



I immediately started chatting with the second seller as soon as i got in. Didn’t snap his picture but helped me get loose. And so it was and the output is the photos that follow. Felt easy… often fell off the rails, but able to get back on. No mesmerizing shots, but once i get the filter in that i like (Kodachrome Gold 100 +++) everything makes sense.

DSCF2689 DSCF2687 DSCF2678 DSCF2661 DSCF2656


DSCF2653 DSCF2652

I like what i did today, and makes me want to do some more… i feel bad for not doing this more. It’s easy but sometimes i just lose sight of it. I wish i was this loose everytime i go out with my camera. Have to make sure i remember the mindset for the future.

DSCF2645DSCF2633 DSCF2642 DSCF2636 DSCF2626