A Sunday Morning walk back in April

Grottaglie – the place where i unwillingly reside.DSCF4632




Knowing i might be entering (hopefully) my last year here, it makes me like it more. I’ve recently been in Bologna (wonderful, pictures soon to come) and found myself day-dreaming of living there. Then i tried to think to myself what i would’ve thought if i were visiting grottaglie as a tourist. I would probably wish to try it out by living there.DSCF4757




Good weather is an undeniable benefit.DSCF4647

And this made me immediately fall back for grottaglie: i’m lucky enough to live in the center of town and find a very decent place. I have a good round of friends to go out with. I have a flexible job. i’m close to the sea. Salento is THE place to go on vacation in italy. I got all that i need….DSCF4691-HDR





I’m going to make the most of whatever time i have left. Winter started and begun is half done.DSCF4717


Summer is just around the corner.DSCF4655



It’ll be soon till i’ll start to feel sorry about what i’ve missed. Better make the most of what’s left.DSCF4581


Mid-week day In Naples – July

I can’t even remember what i was doing back there on a weekday but glad i did. Not any interesting pictures i guess, but everything builds up towards getting decent. right?

The fella below roams my parent’s neighborhood and always has for the past 20 year.

DSCF8685 DSCF8696

Pretty standard walk for me when i’m in town, but seeing it in the average work day brought back a lot of memories and feelings of when i used to roam the streets either skipping school or simply not going to class when i was at the uni. I regret not being into photography at the time.. wish i had some of those moments to look at again.

DSCF8706 DSCF8712

I have the one below hanging in front of my desk with a bunch of others for a series on Naples i’m working on. Belongs here as well, also in consideration of the fact that the series is all 1×1 in black and white.DSCF8713 DSCF8717

Creepy and overly excited mannequin..DSCF8721 DSCF8722

September in Seattle

This “project” that i’m on about being more constant about getting some small sets out every other day or so is helping me learn more about the struggle of editing. How do you go from 300 pictures down to 15? what about 10? or 1..?  This is actually what stopped me last night from posting this set.. then i thought i’d give it a day to marinate… so today i decide i would settle on 15.

DSCF2216DSCF2228 DSCF2243

Trimming them down to 50 was kinda easy, although i still had a few duplicates on which i couldn’t make up my mind. But even without those, the situation didn’t change much… DSCF2244 DSCF2268 DSCF2273 DSCF2341

So my initial thought was to just break them up into day and night. But if i did in there were two negative consequences: 1) higher percentage of crappy shots 2)it would not have been any use in my quest to learn how to edit down my sets.DSCF2359 DSCF2374


I have to say, i like the harmony with which they go from full day shots to night. They were shot over a full week. One full weekend plus the workdays or what was left of them…

DSCF2418 DSCF2406


Without exaggerating (i think it’s more a coincidence) but they do tell the tale of my week in Seattle in September. A little lonely, most of it spent in Capitol Hill, a lot of walking and an equal time of dark and light considering my alarm clock was set at 4:30 am every day to beat I5 traffic…

DSCF2476 DSCF2481Thoroughly enjoyed it though. Looking forward to get back in January if everything lines up, but i’m expecting all my shots will be dark then.

A random september saturday in Naples

I have a hard time remembering the purpose of this morning out, but the excuse is always the same. Shoot some streets. DSCF2136 DSCF2145

Always curious of the back stories to these cars… It seems like Napoli has the uncanny ability to age cars like i’ve never seen anywhere else. I am definitely the one overly attached to his own, and this is a bad example, but it is not uncommon to see 2 months old cars already scratched like they had 10 years on them. And trust me, dealerships don’t give away cars for free around here…..DSCF2151 DSCF2152

The scene below was just outside of Francesca’s work… Strangely enough, i knew exactly how this shot would turn out. I had been underexposing the whole morning by about a couple of stops…DSCF2156DSCF2157

The next three couple of images represent my dilemma with this neapolitan saturday morning set. Three very similar couples that where i just could not get myself to pick, and i was not willing to give up any of them.



Lady behind bars is probably the winner.

DSCF2161 DSCF2163

The above two, i can’t decide, probably the second.

DSCF2165 DSCF2166

The above two i have no fuckin idea…
DSCF2169 DSCF2171 DSCF2173 DSCF2176 DSCF2180 DSCF2188

A Night Out in Prague

Back in October i had the opportunity to spend 1 and 2 half days in Prague. Middle of the week, not much time and a full schedule. Also days getting shorter wouldn’t offered my much of daylight time, but i was left with two solid evening for shooting. Still a change from my usual southern italy small town scene so i jumped on it.

Here i am ready to go out


I hit of course the old town both nights. Based on my previous time there, i gathered enough knowledge about how things work to know where to go to get the picture i wanted. DSCF2523 DSCF2525
DSCF2539 DSCF2540


I was about to walk to the Charles Bridge (picture above) but remembering how dark it was last time, i detoured from where the mass was going and took a left turn.DSCF2542 DSCF2553 DSCF2556

The guy with the dog in the picture below was walking along with a lady and her kid and he froze when the lady’s bus came along. She grabbed the kid and started running, and he was left there hanging. I didn’t manage to get the shot of her running (i actually did but i turned out shitty). But with this picture and knowing the background, i feel for the guy…


Actually… i don’t care. here it is.

DSCF2558I couldn’t tell if these girls were fighting. probably just fooling around.
DSCF2576 DSCF2577 DSCF2588 DSCF2595 DSCF2600 DSCF2604

The next day i didn’t really need to wake up particularly early so i found the most local bar i could find, all locals, and downed a couple of beers to aid my sleep. worth it.DSCF2617 DSCF2622 DSCF2625