A Sunday Morning walk back in April

Grottaglie – the place where i unwillingly reside.DSCF4632




Knowing i might be entering (hopefully) my last year here, it makes me like it more. I’ve recently been in Bologna (wonderful, pictures soon to come) and found myself day-dreaming of living there. Then i tried to think to myself what i would’ve thought if i were visiting grottaglie as a tourist. I would probably wish to try it out by living there.DSCF4757




Good weather is an undeniable benefit.DSCF4647

And this made me immediately fall back for grottaglie: i’m lucky enough to live in the center of town and find a very decent place. I have a good round of friends to go out with. I have a flexible job. i’m close to the sea. Salento is THE place to go on vacation in italy. I got all that i need….DSCF4691-HDR





I’m going to make the most of whatever time i have left. Winter started and begun is half done.DSCF4717


Summer is just around the corner.DSCF4655



It’ll be soon till i’ll start to feel sorry about what i’ve missed. Better make the most of what’s left.DSCF4581


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