Was not the best start of the year and i will not go into any detail about why, but the day documented in this post was able to turn it all around. Epiphany is a holiday here in Italy, Jan. 6th, so it’s been a week at work where i’ve been on and off. Tuesday night the intention was to go early to bed and get a fresh start on the next day. Of course, i went to bed around 3 am… Woke up with huge difficulty around 10:30, made breakfast and just went back to bed prepared for some netflix marathon. 10 mins in, i sprung out of bed like i was allergic to the pillow. Packed any camera with some extra rolls with only a few shots in them (the Minolta and the pentax) and some non C-41  B/W rolls. Around 12 i got out of the house, got to the car and started driving, headed for the coast.

Baia della Torretta – January 2016
Baia della Torretta – January 2016
Baia della Torretta – January 2016

On monday night i finally made the move and bought all the items i’m going to need to develop my own film. I usually have a really really hard time in buying anything that costs more than 10 euros. Anything. Aside from food… luckily.

I might detail that purchase and what comes of it in a future post. I’m impatiently waiting for the items to arrive, was hoping they would get here by the weekend, unfortunately it’s going to be Monday. Just like the the 5 C-41 rolls i finally sent to develop. The items were ordered a day too late. The rolls were sent to develop one day too late. Just one more confirmation of my ability to make things as anti-climatic as i possibly can. Well the Holiday on wednesday didn’t help… whatever.

Baia della Torretta – January 2016

Made a point during the ride to stop whenever i felt the need to make a picture and it was the right thing. I like to pass time during car rides and fantasize about shooting all these pictures to cool stuff i see. But i never do it. This time was a different story.

Marina di Lizzano – January 2016
Marina di Lizzano – January 2016


Truglione – January 2016

Then i hit the port in Campomarino, stopped and hung around there for about an hour. By that time i completed the two rolls and put in the roll of Tri-X. Figured my first roll to develop on my own had to be Kodak…

Campomarino – January 2016

Shot most of it around that area and started to head home to have lunch. Was about 3:30 pm by that time…

Librari- January 2016

Wasn’t too thrilled about getting home 45 minutes later, walking back from the garage and cooking…. so the first restaurant open i found, parked the car and went in.

Campomarino – January 2016

Yeah… a selfie to close things up. I don’t give a shit…. Oh and all the pictures here were shot with my LG G4 phone. It was an analog day of shooting and as mentioned above, most of the shots, i haven’t yet seen.

The waiting game begins……

Campomarino – January 2016



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