How’s it going?

As I was chatting with a good friend last night I recognized my photography is in a position where it has never been before. I’ve never been so inactive from a shooting perspective, but i’ve also never felt so in it as i am today. Books, articles, my busy RSS feed online courses – by the way, if anyone’s reading this you should check this out: – MOMA free online course on Photography

And then of course there’s film, and specifically doing everything in-house (shooting – developing – scanning).

My hit/miss ratio is finally starting to show something i like. And here’s one below shot on a sunny Sunday morning in Taranto.

Pentax Spotmatic with 29mm Pentacon – Kodak Tri-X 400

This is not a high quality scan by any means. I used a 14 year old Epson 1660 scanner, and done at half its capability around 800 DPI. The tif files that came out though, have a really high potential. This came out darker than what it’s showing here but i was able to raise the exposure just a tad to the point where i really like the looks.

The 29mm Pentacon is not the best lens wide open and i’m starting to notice it getsĀ better if i only use it over f8. Nonetheless, tri-x is awesome. And i’m really starting to appreciate it.

Really bad writing today – i’m distracted by youtube.


The Analog Switch (for now)

Campomarino – Tri-X – Minolta 7000 – January 6th 2016

As a follow-up to the previous post, this was one of the pictures from the day I decided to take the full Analog road and start developing on my own. I picked up again the Minolta 7000 in god knows how long… I figured it was what got me into film, and i trusted it enough to be the first camera to used when developing my first roll (Kodak Tri-X 400). Didn’t turn out that bad but i had to bring it to the lab to scan. I couldn’t find my power adapter for the scanner and after looking EVERYWHERE in my house for about a month, turned out it was sitting in my parents basement some 350 kms away. lol. I have no idea how it got there…. anywho…..

Tonight i developed another roll from the same camera but this time it was Ilford Delta 400, because i wanted to see the differences and which one i preferred. I should probably send it to the same lab for scanning to have an honest comparison. Or i could re-scan this and scan the new one. It’s now hanging to dry in the bathroom. I already have another roll to catch up developing, again Tri-X, but this time from the Pentax, my loyal companion. 3 shots left. And another rollĀ to follow.

Going to Madrid next week, bringing the Pentax and MAYBE the Fuji (wow). Which BTW i haven’t picked up since December… Amazing. So in general a low output, but a lot of input. Quite a bit of reading, both technical and pictures, and as it shows, low posting.

Looking forward to next week, hope to buy some more film. In the meantime i feel like i’m starting all over again. Developing your own film is so much fun, and i’m already addicted to the smell of the chemicals… i know that’s not good! Laters.