How’s it going?

As I was chatting with a good friend last night I recognized my photography is in a position where it has never been before. I’ve never been so inactive from a shooting perspective, but i’ve also never felt so in it as i am today. Books, articles, my busy RSS feed online courses – by the way, if anyone’s reading this you should check this out: – MOMA free online course on Photography

And then of course there’s film, and specifically doing everything in-house (shooting – developing – scanning).

My hit/miss ratio is finally starting to show something i like. And here’s one below shot on a sunny Sunday morning in Taranto.

Pentax Spotmatic with 29mm Pentacon – Kodak Tri-X 400

This is not a high quality scan by any means. I used a 14 year old Epson 1660 scanner, and done at half its capability around 800 DPI. The tif files that came out though, have a really high potential. This came out darker than what it’s showing here but i was able to raise the exposure just a tad to the point where i really like the looks.

The 29mm Pentacon is not the best lens wide open and i’m starting to notice it gets better if i only use it over f8. Nonetheless, tri-x is awesome. And i’m really starting to appreciate it.

Really bad writing today – i’m distracted by youtube.


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