One shot ÷ Many thoughts

March 2016 – Rollei Retro 80s

A lot of things bouncing on my mind. Circling. Winding.

More rolls to shoot. Hitting the next antique market and buying all the rest of the old rolls i got from that guy. The barrels. Vacation. Not wanting to go to the gym but feeling good about it when i get back from it. It’s late, i should get some sleep. I’d like to buy a new scanner with the money i get from the over time. Will definitely do that. Some time off. Schedule the surgery. Quit smoking.. or at least keep it down. Lose some more weight. Sleep more. Shoot more. Get more daylight. This Qual is gonna drain me. Spend some quality time with fra doing the things we love. Some more time off. Get away. Do Cuba again. Do something like Cuba. Spend some time with my friends like we used to. And more that will come to mind once I post this.

I’d stay here another hour with this music and this picture in front of me. It’s the loop i’m in.



2016-03-26 11.00.40 1.jpg
Rome – March 2016

The picture above is the kind of feedback i like getting from myself of trying to be more and more attentive to my surroundings. The scene lasted about 20 seconds, and in this case i appreciate the fact that my phone wakes up and is ready to shoot quite quickly (about 1.5 secs). The lady in the window actually changed to a more interesting pose moments after this shot, but that was when a girl decided to sit down right between us and i knew the moment was over. Luckily i was able to grab it.

I didn’t touch it that much, and just gave a slight vignette, applied an A6 filter (have no idea what it stands for) and that’s about it. The filter did not really do much aside from warming up the tones a little. I like the red coming from the lower part of the window frame, due to the red livery of the freccia rossa trains, reflecting from the other train.

On a separate note, i just got back from 2 days in Rome where Francesca was working, trying to burn through a bunch of expired rolls i got for cheap at a flea market. Don’t know how they’ll turn out, I’ll know in a couple more days when i go back home and develop. Not expecting much as i don’t know in what state they were stored. More to come.

What could have been

36TX-Madrid_2 23.jpg
Madrid 2016 – Pentacon 29mm – Pentax SPF

I counted on this shot being quite good but turned out kinda meh after i developed and scanned it. I was walking in Madrid after work (good thing it’s so out there but still in my same timezone) so still quite a bit of light. Camera was around 250 and focus  and aperture already set , i think between 5 and 8, and was walking on this sidewalk when all of a sudden a bunch of birds decided to take off. Without even thinking about it i raised the camera to my eye and shot. Was expecting something different and at least a few more in frame. But still…. happy for being ready. Just one more demonstration of how important it is. At all times.

Oh and this being tri-x pushed at 1600 helped A LOT.

Pushing film

Had the chance to get out of the office last month to Madrid for a business trip. I don’t normally go to nice places… usually small industrial areas where there isn’t much to do aside work. But every once in awhile i do get the chance break the usual scheme and actually enjoy my time away from home and this was one of those cases.

2Tri-X@1600_Madrid 1
Madrid 2016

I’ve recently been a lot more dedicated to developing my own film and have already been experimenting a little with up and down results.

9Tri-X@1600_Madrid 3
Madrid 2016

The outcome of these trials are more due to the steep learning curve of how to behave when you are shooting pushed film. Contrast is way higher than usual and you have to keep that in mind at all times. Of course the benefit of having more range and shooting in dark areas and later hours is tremendous so i think it’s still worth it.

Madrid 2016

I could’ve never imagined to get something out of a shot like this with a 400 film. Really surprised by the potential.

26Tri-X@1600_Madrid 2
Madrid 2016
19Tri-X@1600_Madrid 1
Madrid 2016

Love the contrast where i the situation was able to let you take advantage of it.

Madrid 2016
15Tri-X@1600_Madrid 3
Madrid 2016

Of course the downside is the loss of detail in the shadows. Had i known that i would have shot this differently and tried to get something more oriented towards getting the potential out of the behavior of the film. But i had the roll in from the night before, so that didn’t help. This would be the benefit of having a second body or a Zenza Bronica where you can remove the film mid roll.

27Tri-X@1600_Madrid 3
Madrid Airport – 2016

I have plenty of film now at home. Bought quite a lot from a what i already know is going to be my favorite shop in Naples. Good prices, close to friendly owner, interesting film (like the Agfa Retro S 80). Tomorrow i’m getting up early, or at least that’s the plan, to shoot in old Taranto. Wish me luck on with my alarm clock.

8Tri-X@1600_Madrid 2
Hotel Elevator Selfie – 2016