2016-03-26 11.00.40 1.jpg
Rome – March 2016

The picture above is the kind of feedback i like getting from myself of trying to be more and more attentive to my surroundings. The scene lasted about 20 seconds, and in this case i appreciate the fact that my phone wakes up and is ready to shoot quite quickly (about 1.5 secs). The lady in the window actually changed to a more interesting pose moments after this shot, but that was when a girl decided to sit down right between us and i knew the moment was over. Luckily i was able to grab it.

I didn’t touch it that much, and just gave a slight vignette, applied an A6 filter (have no idea what it stands for) and that’s about it. The filter did not really do much aside from warming up the tones a little. I like the red coming from the lower part of the window frame, due to the red livery of the freccia rossa trains, reflecting from the other train.

On a separate note, i just got back from 2 days in Rome where Francesca was working, trying to burn through a bunch of expired rolls i got for cheap at a flea market. Don’t know how they’ll turn out, I’ll know in a couple more days when i go back home and develop. Not expecting much as i don’t know in what state they were stored. More to come.


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