One shot ÷ Many thoughts

March 2016 – Rollei Retro 80s

A lot of things bouncing on my mind. Circling. Winding.

More rolls to shoot. Hitting the next antique market and buying all the rest of the old rolls i got from that guy. The barrels. Vacation. Not wanting to go to the gym but feeling good about it when i get back from it. It’s late, i should get some sleep. I’d like to buy a new scanner with the money i get from the over time. Will definitely do that. Some time off. Schedule the surgery. Quit smoking.. or at least keep it down. Lose some more weight. Sleep more. Shoot more. Get more daylight. This Qual is gonna drain me. Spend some quality time with fra doing the things we love. Some more time off. Get away. Do Cuba again. Do something like Cuba. Spend some time with my friends like we used to. And more that will come to mind once I post this.

I’d stay here another hour with this music and this picture in front of me. It’s the loop i’m in.


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