Thinking about sleep

Lisbon – 2015

Was thinking about sleeping the afternoon off, but ended up staying up. Ran a couple of errands and ready at 7:27pm to go for an aperitivo and a light dinner out with old colleagues/friends.

The time to spend like the guy in the picture will come. Just not this time.

Just an update to my last post: the schedule was respected 100% but i ended up not getting the old rolls i was aiming for and i’m actually happy i didn’t.  The guy upped the prices to 5 euros for boxed rolls and 3 for the unboxed. Long expired rolls that have been sitting who knows where and at what temperatures. Sure, the ones i developed turned out decent, but i wasn’t willing to make that asshole’s day….


Busy half weekend

Tri-X_Roma 16.jpg
Roma – March 2016

Busy day tomorrow with my 3rd straight half weekend.

  1. 7:30 am: wake up
  2. 8:00 am: vote (yes) at the referendum
  3. 8:05 am: grab the car
  4. 9:45 am: Be in Martina Franca for the antique market. Main goal find the guy that cleaned out the retired photo shop owner and grab as much film as I can (also shoot a couple of rolls).
  5. 11:30 am: get out of there and head back home
  6. 12:30 pm: be back home, start making lunch, wait for Francesca
  7. 2:00 pm: Lunch
  8. 3:30 pm: zzzZZZzzzzZzzzZzZ

And the rest just play by ear.

Annoyed Shot

Tri-X_Roma 33-Edit-Edit-alt.jpg
Rome – March 2016 – Tri-X

Hard work these days. Hard to get to the pictures, even harder to get here.

Last weekend the best i could do is get through the last 10 shots of a roll i shot the weekend before (Ilford PAN F 50 for future reference). Consumed what was left from my house on the way to the supermarket, and i was so optimistic i also put the minolta in my pocket with an extra roll, but as you might expect that’s where it stayed until i came back home.

Hopefully i’ll be more in the mood the next upcoming days, but i desperately need some time off which i’m not getting any time soon.

BUT at least i cleaned up the house. BUT Fra is coming over this weekend. BUT the weather is good and getting better and the days are getting longer.

Maybe this is all just the change of season, that’s what i tell all my friends that feel funny this time of year, so that might be the answer.



Old Film a.k.a. The Shutter Happy Rolls

Delta100 - Martina_Roma 1
Martina Franca – March 2016

Half a weekend is all i get this time. After a week’s work i got a sunday to look forward to to wind down. Antique market down the road, buying some groceries, napoli game at noon, eat and go to bed with a buzz, and then take it from there…

I’m one roll behind in my development but with the busy week still managed to develop two of them and i will likely shoot another tomorrow. I shot a Delta100 (included in this post), a Tri-X and an FP4.

Delta100 - Martina_Roma 22
Grottaglie – March 2016
Delta100 - Martina_Roma 28.jpg
Rome – March 2016

I have mixed feelings towards the expired rolls that i bought the other day… I really like the opportunity of being able to shoot randomly some “exercise” rolls whenever i feel like it, but on the other hand, what if THE shot comes up and i have some (turned) shitty film in there.

I developed the Delta100 roll expired in 2001 and realized what the guys over at APUG meant by “foggy”.. Good thing nothing really valuable came out of it. In this post some shots from that roll, but when compared to the Tri-x roll (coming next post), man…. delta gets blown away. I’m sure it’s just because of the fact it’s probably 16-17 years old by now.

Delta100 - Martina_Roma 34
Rome – 2016

But…. i know me. I’ll likely shoot the rest of the rolls. I’ll also probably buy some more if i can get my hands on them too…. I like investing in my hobby, and all this overtime should go somewhere. It’s not like i’m buying a house…

I’m glad i can stay late tonight and fuck around. No work tomorrow seems like a luxury, and i really needed a day to myself.


Delta100 - Martina_Roma 35
Rome – 2016