Annoyed Shot

Tri-X_Roma 33-Edit-Edit-alt.jpg
Rome – March 2016 – Tri-X

Hard work these days. Hard to get to the pictures, even harder to get here.

Last weekend the best i could do is get through the last 10 shots of a roll i shot the weekend before (Ilford PAN F 50 for future reference). Consumed what was left from my house on the way to the supermarket, and i was so optimistic i also put the minolta in my pocket with an extra roll, but as you might expect that’s where it stayed until i came back home.

Hopefully i’ll be more in the mood the next upcoming days, but i desperately need some time off which i’m not getting any time soon.

BUT at least i cleaned up the house. BUT Fra is coming over this weekend. BUT the weather is good and getting better and the days are getting longer.

Maybe this is all just the change of season, that’s what i tell all my friends that feel funny this time of year, so that might be the answer.




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