Grottaglie - May 2016

Opportunity is everywhere. I’m glad I’m keeping my eye trained. Stepped out of the house this evening to run some errands and found this procession outside my door. Started wishing I had my Pentax with me but it was to late. Crossed the street, took a shot (a bad one), saw the opening behind me, stepped back, took this with my phone.
I’m happy with it.


Moving on

Shots below taken on a sunday back in february just before getting back home. Weird to see this on the way to our house and in the strangest silence. I took out the camera and started walking in between them like i was supposed to be there, and no one bothered. It felt really good to just step in there with no care, of course trying to be respectable of the event at the same time. I think i have a few more shots i might share some other time.

Shot on some VERY expired Ilford Delta 400. Probably exp.2001.

Grottaglie – February 2016
Grottaglie – February 2016

Well a little bit of progress was made tonight on the tail-end of the regret from my previous post and i managed to start to catalog my negs. Started from something small, just the ones i developed my self. Added the corresponding folder name to each sheet, considering it should stay the same forever. Also sorted them by date.

It’s a start.

Fuck me.

Grottaglie – April 2016

Every. God. Damned. Time.

I end up the evenings with this thirst of getting everything straight, everything back in order. Everything nice and tidy. And it’s because i fail every time to do it during my evening.

I always get side tracked. A tv show, a series, i’m hungry, the dishes, the house, some stupid youtube video…. and all my best intentions go to shit.

It’s like every time i commit to getting shit done that is not work related, somehow i find a way to sabotage myself and end up losing an evening and all i can come up with is a shitty post where i try to make it better in the end. “well at least i got that done, saved the night”.

Fuck me.


Lisbon – 2015

Every time i want to start writing something down i always put some music up. Sometimes back to the most familiar playlists, most of the time i try something new.

Either way it has to be there to set the mood. This time around, in addition to the new music, i also have a not-so-cold IPA keeping me company.

The Leica M6 thought is always there….. Thing is:  I look at these pictures and i think they could have come out just the same from a Leica than the Spotmatic. But that’s the superficial comment. The real difference is the experience in the shooting process.

BUT i literally love shooting with my pentax. Never tried a Leica though but once, and it was digital. but damn it felt good….

4 thoughts

Lisbon – 2015 

Easy Saturday night. Closing out the day with a really good IPA from the bar on the corner that i decided to bring upstairs with me. The day started out slow, still recuperating from the night before. Got out of the house around 2 pm to scout the area for locations and stopping by at a couple of places to take some photos of Francesca’s new line of clothes. Took some personal pictures too with the Pentax and i’ll probably develop those today or this week.

I have some thoughts in mind lately.

  1. buy an M6. I can get around the idea of spending 1200 euros for a camera. I’ve done it before but sometimes digital helps justify the purchase: technology costs. But i can get past that. But am i going to put a cheap lens on such a high class body? Of course not. I bought my spotmatic for 60 euros and have always been using a cheap 8 euro 29mm lens i bought at a local flea market. Even if i wanted to do that with a Leica, it would be literally impossible to find a 28/35mm M-mount lens for less than 500 euros. So i’m looking at probably no less than a 1800euro expense here. This is stopping me.
  2. I decided tri-x is for me. It’s not just about the look, which i do prefer over everything i’ve tried so far. I scan my own negs and i freakin hate Ilford’s curl once dried. And kentmere doesn’t have enough contrast. So i need to buy a bulk of tri-x, at least 10 rolls. Should be able to do it next time i’m in Napoli. OR buy them online but it appears this time around, buying online will not be my cheapest solution. So i have to wait until i’m back in napoli again. Most likely next weekend.
  3. I’m starting to think about shooting some color, but i want to develop it myself so i’m waiting for a good trip. Mabye for our upcoming Munich trip early june. And i still don’t know if i want to develop it myself…. but would need to shoot at least 15-20 rolls first. I don’t know…
  4. The thought of shooting some digital is starting to bug me lately. I picked up my DSLR again the other day for Francesca’s shoot and again today. It was nice to be able to just shoot away, even though it did seem sort of “empty”… i don’t know. Sometimes it just seems weird that i’m lusting over a Leica, when i have probably one of the best digital modern day rangefinders (X100s) just sitting on a shelf for the last six months untouched… But there’s time.

And to confuse me even more today i saw one of the BEST 1-line advertisements ever. And now i’m even more unsure of what to do….


How can one argue this?

The Daily Grind

Naples - May 2016

I’m remembering a little more nowadays to keep shooting and never stop. If my phone is all I got so be it. I slug around with way more than I need and end up most of the time with the phone, so I’m glad I picked a good one. And yes black and white goes on, even in digital..
Shot with LG G4.