The trip back

Taranto – May 2016

Pretty little camera the one i bought about a couple of years ago. I have been testing the Konica C35v here and there but recently gave it another run with the cheap expired film (delta 100) i have. Yeah, the hotshoe doesn’t work, yeah i pushed the film from 100 to 400, yeah it was long past expiration but… the camera performed  quite well in day shots. Not the sharpest but good enough considering it’s a little plasticky thing, with the exposure powered by a little LR44 battery.

Might be using it more in the future as a pocket camera. The next up for testing is my dad’s Olympus AF-1 (aka Infinity). I have a roll of Kentmere 400 in it so i’ll see the results of that as soon as i develop it.

Naples – May 2016
Siponto – May 2016
Naples – May 2016
Naples – May 2016
Grottaglie – April 2016
Somewhere in Basilicata – April 2016

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