Rollei Retro 80s – a Half Ass Ignorant Review

23Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 22-Edit.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

“Just when i thought i was out… they pulled me back in.”

…..aaaaaaand there goes another weekend. I was planning a lot of things in my mind like Mother’s day or spending some good time back with Francesca, which i would really need. But nope, this is how it goes.

The shot above was from a warm and sunny april sunday that was all about photography.

Shoot in the morning – Develop in the afternoon- Print in the evening

(Scan actually, but who’s reading anyway…?)

8Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 7-Edit.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

The Rollei Retro 80s is a very nice film. I read panchromatic around the interwebs but have no idea what that means, don’t hate me. What i can write about it is that it’s different from anything else i shot up to this point. It loves bright sunny days and walks on the beach… jokes aside that’s where it shines. No pun intend.

1Rollei Retro_Grottaglie.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

It’s rich, contrasty and gritty. Not all these images (maybe none) show its true value, but i really appreciated the results.

Also doesn’t really help that these were scanned with the ultra centennial Epson Perfection 1660 and not with the recently acquired V600.


27Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 26.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

It kind of gives me the impression it was shot on a cloudy day, but it was actually sunny (and hot) as can be.

19Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 18.jpg
Grottaglie – 2016

I would only develop it in non-reusable developer though. When i dumped it, it was completely stained. I would definitely not risk re-using it. So good thing i didn’t use the D76 yet.

33Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 32.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

I tried playing around with the shadows here. Wasted at least three shots… this one i liked best.

14Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 13.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

Explored the park, found a coat that time just sitting there. Went back the other day and it’s still in the exact same spot…

36Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 35.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

These guys……. hangovers… i right?


Off to a half real weekend. See you on the other side.


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