2 evenings, 2 rolls.

Piran – August 2015


These last two evenings i’ve been completely absorbed by the development process of the two Rollei Retro 400S development. One 2-hour session yesterday to load the two films in the same canister a get all the chemicals just about right. As i discovered it’s really hard when you need them at 20 and the room temperature is 26. Plus the development time is 15 minutes so lots of time for them to get warmer…. Anyway, just when i was about ready to pour them in, one last check at the temperature and i dropped the thermometer on the ground…. It didn’t break, but i did get some air bubbles in it. After about another hour i managed to fix it, but it was late and i had to meet up with my colleagues for dinner. Fast forward to tonight, i don’t trust the thermometer anymore so i bought a digital one. Get the chemicals just right again and after some prayers the rolls came out just fine. Dinner, tired, going to bed. They look pretty good… tomorrow i’ll know and post some pictures.


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