Nailed the Sunday

Naples – May 2016

Not the best but definitely not the worst. I woke up unexpectedly early at 7:00am and figured i’d slowly start the my day with a good breakfast and a long shower. No running today, considering i went yesterday and plan to go tomorrow. Last night before going to bed i discovered the antique market it was not in Taranto, but rather on my street. Go figure…. Anyways, that was not all good news as there’s always the same shit over here. Confirmed, breezed through it while getting to the car and headed for the Exhibition in Taranto. Which was small but pretty cool (here’s the link to the festival).

Been working tonight on a few pictures from the same day the picture above was taken. Getting steady on the look i want and trying to apply it to all. It was shot on Rollei Retro 400S. Nice film, pretty clean and contrasty with low grain. I’m not sure i’ll continue to use it for long though, as i have to run it in the tank for 15 mins, which is kind of a drag. In summer it’s really hard to keep the temperature at 20C. Plus i don’t know how long it’s gonna stay around. Although it is quite cheap…. 4 euros i think i paid for it. Now that i think about it maybe i will invest more money in it… Maybe it’s going to be my winter film.


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