Overexposing Film

Naples – May 2016

This is one good example of how overexposing film works and how many stops you can actually cover. I’ve been reading around of how flexible film is, so i’ve recently started to lay on the high side of the light meter. In this case the camera was metered for the ground but i saw the wrapped sign which was kind of interesting. Without changing setting i aimed up and took the shot. I knew it was not going to be good once developed but i figured i’d use the opportunity to test what i was reading. Here’s how it was right after i scanned it.

As scanned

I’m sure i could of post processed it a little better, but i think this shows a little bit of the benefit of overexposing. When less light comes in, the chemicals on the film don’t react, so there’s basically no information to recuperate when you underexpose. More light coming on the film enables the reaction even more. While excessively overexposing can get to the point where it’s detrimental and there is actual loss of information, you’re still going to be able to get more info than from a film in which the chemicals have not reacted at all.


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