Burn em down!!

Munich – June 2016

Too too many rolls of film stored on my shelf. 15 BW, 10 Color, plus 3 loaded in separate cameras. That’s too many for my taste. Lots of good stuff though…. Cinestill 800, Portra 160, bunch of Tri-x 400, Rollei Retro 80 and 100…. I’m good! Stop buying shit goddammit!!!



2015 – Brindisi

5 rolls of Black and White are here on the table and I might develop them in the next few days, we’ll see…

4 rolls of color are already at that shop and I’ll pick them up Thursday. I’ve been travelling the last week and don’t have much to share right now until I develop them.

I’ve been in 3 different countries this past week. Denmark – Germany – Italy

I’ve been looking into purchasing an Olympus XA for the past 3 months. In the last week I purchased 2.

I have good night of sleep ahead of me tonight. I’m very tired and I hope to feel well rested when I wake up.