Business trips are bad for your health

Melbourne – July 2016

As part of making up for the time lost on this blog, here’s a little something from back in July. I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Melbourne for work, and I couldn’t pass on the photographic opportunities.

Melbourne – July 2017

Unfortunately it was July, winter over there, so low temperatures and short days. This didn’t stop me from pushing my tri-x to 1600 and shooting away.

Melbourne – July 2016

I didn’t come away with much, just a little more than 3 rolls of Black and White, three more of color, and a very special (my first) Ektachrome I shot in one breath on the Great Ocean Road. But I’ll save that one for another blog post. Oh yeah, and some digital that I’m not even considering.

Melbourne – July 2016
Melbourne – July 2016
Melbourne – July 2016

I feel a little out of place mentioning anything related to digital in this all film post, but I can’t express how much removed I feel from the shots taken with the x100s while I was there. I think it’s mostly because I consider them simply too much work. I’m getting as lazy as ever lately. The work here is all manual (develop/scan) and I’m also not good at all at manipulating pictures, that I really started to dislike post-production aspects. But film, whatever comes out, I just like to accept it for what it is. I may bump the shadows a little bit (just shot #5 on this post), but that’s the most manipulation you’ll see. And that’s just another reason why I love film so much.

Melbourne – 2016
Melbourne – July 2016
Melbourne – July 2016

Always ending my evenings there with a beer. Oh, and this trip is where I ended my really good diet run. This and the trip that followed to Seattle.

Melbourne – July 2016

After I fully recover from this surgery I plan to get back on the health train again. But for now, I just ate another piece of chocolate and going to close it off with a smoke before going to bed.

NOTES: Once again, Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600. These shots are all from the same roll shot with my faithful Spotmatic SPF with the lovely Pentacon 28mm 3.5. I developed these with about 3 month delay just last week. It will also very likely be the last batch I’ll develop for the rest of the year. Between packing, temporary living, house hunting and all, I’m pretty sure i won’t be able to do much in the next few months. But then again, I built a pretty sizeable backlog. 


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