Back to the Mothership (BW August Seattle)

Good day today. After getting my stitches removed last night,  I finally got the chance to have a normal day. Met up with a friend and went to Ferdinando Scianna‘s conference at Villa Pignatelli, here in Naples.

Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016

It was a solid two hours of stories, anecdotes, behind the scenes, growing up in the south, teaming up with Sciascia and so on. Got a chance to see a lot of pictures that I had never seen from him and that were of course on par with the most famous shots he’s known for.

Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016

As for these pictures here, they are from a few days back in August for my weekly trip back to the mothership in Seattle. Didn’t really shoot that much there after all, and once i got the news that the Camera was ready for an overhaul, I stopped shooting with it and reverted to the XA and switched to color. So if my calculations are correct, next post will be color.

Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016

Notes: All from the same roll and shot with the Spotmatic SPF and the Super Takumar 28/3.5. Tri-X 400@1600. This camera really needs to be taken apart and and get some work done. I can start to see that for the faster shots (1/500 and 1/1000) there’s at least 4 different exposures in the same shot. We’ll see.. of course I’m still using it.


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