Closing out well this year

Naples – Dec.31st 2016

Change was the main theme for this second half of this year.  It started back in June when the decision to make the move started to make its way around.  

I had hard time realizing it was going to happen until late august and the actual arrangements didn’t start until September, which was when the date was fixed. The closing months were all kinds of crazy with the new house, but luckily we closed the deal and got that waiting for us on the 2nd.

All things related to this took over my whole life, whether social, hobby, free time and family. And it shows if I look at the amount of blog posts as of late. 

For this reason last night I went to bed wanting to make a little change to at least set things up for a different start. 

Woke up at 8, skipped the holiday video game session and went for a run.  Knees killing me half way through but made it back home only to shower and get back out here to the Gaiola. No words, just a beautiful choice closing out the year art the beach.  

Notes: Picture taken a few minutes ago with the phone, edited with snapseed. 

Happy new year!!


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