Still struggling a little bit with jet-lag, but much better than I expected. Pretty rough start at 5 am and got an excellent coffee at 6, right around the corner from the hotel. Should’ve had a picture, but I’m going to get one tomorrow.

Melbourne – January 2017

When i got back i was literally wrecked and so i took a 1-hour nap. Woke up and did some work. My foot was killing me from yesterday’s run, but nonetheless got out and went for dinner.

Melbourne – January 2017

Walked briefly around the area (picture above is where the guy from 10 days ago did donuts).

Melbourne – January 2017
Melbourne – January 2017

Finally settle for a microbrewery near the hotel. I was able to get chicken breast… keeping it light. Now it’s 9:30 pm.. and i’m ready to hit the sack.

Melbourne – January 2017


Due to jetlag, I woke up this morning around 6. Stuck around for another 20 mins, until I figured to take advantage of it and go for a run.

Early Morning Melbourne – January 2016

Went all the way to the park in St. Kilda. Really nice view and quite a few runners to be a Monday morning.

On the run – January 2016
Almost halfway – January 2016
Melbourne – January 2016
On the way back – January 2016
On the way back – January 2016

Here’s my trail for the day. I was extremely surprised for both the distance and the pace. Both knees were hurting around the Royal Botanic Garden, but was still going and eventually made it safely back. Feels good. My intention is to go for a run every other day, and the days in between swim at the swimming pool. We’ll see if i actually keep up with the intent.


After hitting the shower, watching the end of the Napoli game. We tied… but played well.

I packed the bag with my cameras and headed down for a coffee. Saw this guy in traffic.

Breakfast – January 2016
Walking around town – January 2016

Then i stopped by at the pedestrian area where that crazy guy ran over a bunch a people and killed three, including a baby.

Melbourne – January 2016
Melbourne – January 2016

After lunch i took a nap (jet lag required it). Then after that went for dinner at 5:30… starting to get adjusted to shift my schedule. Need to do that for two reasons. One is the early daily starts at 7 am. The other is that the schedules here are not what i’m used to back in Italy. Shops close at 6pm and at 9pm there is no hope of getting dinner anywhere.

Out at dinner – January 2016
Out at dinner – January 2016
Out at dinner – January 2016
Out at dinner – January 2016

All pictures with the S7. BUT i did load the ever-reliable minolta7000 with some TriX and the camera allows to push at 1600! I’m back on track, but when i get back to Italy, i’m getting the Spotmatic fixed.

Leaving -:- Arriving

On the road again. This trip started way early, with the alarm clock going off at 5:50 in my electricity-free apartment. 6:37 I was out of the house walking towards the train station.

Rome – January 2017

Just a few minutes of wait. To my surprise, getting the train against a cab , was definitely the right and easiest thing to do. And cheaper of course.

Rome – January 2017

A lot of travellers, most of them asleep within a few minutes of getting on the train.

Rome – January 2017

One last smoke before getting to the plane.

Rome – January 2017



Getting to the Gate.

Rome – January 2017
Rome – January 2017
Up in the Air – January 2017

Finally got to my first stop and to a much needed shower.

Abu Dhabi – January 2017
Abu Dhabi – January 2017
Abu Dhabi – January 2017
Abu Dhabi – January 2017
Up in the Air – January 2017
Up in the Air – January 2017
Up in the Air – January 2017
Melbourne – January 2017
Melbourne – January 2017
Melbourne – January 2017

Yeah… I’m a little jet lagged and should just go to bed. All pictures shot with S7 except first one with the G4.


Frosinone – January 2017

Back on the road again after a while. I needed it really… It’s a good break from my new apartment with no hot water or electricity. 1 of 2 weeks not even halfway done, but looking forward to get back to Rome. Feeling pretty excited about this new year. Literally can’t wait to get my new life going. Also a little melancholic at times, maybe due to a Smashing Pumpkins revival here in this tempering weather. Billy Corgan is doing a 30days project along middle america, and I kinda feel in tune. I was actually planning to go for a photowalk one of these nights. If I do, pictures are coming straight after. Frosinone has some pretty interesting views and the weather helps.

Things are actually pretty good, despite the sad pic and title.

I’ll have a smoke in the freezing cold now.

And then just straight to bed.

Good times are coming.


Note: Samsung S7, straight out of camera. No editing necessary. I kinda dig this phone.