Frosinone – January 2017

Back on the road again after a while. I needed it really… It’s a good break from my new apartment with no hot water or electricity. 1 of 2 weeks not even halfway done, but looking forward to get back to Rome. Feeling pretty excited about this new year. Literally can’t wait to get my new life going. Also a little melancholic at times, maybe due to a Smashing Pumpkins revival here in this tempering weather. Billy Corgan is doing a 30days project along middle america, and I kinda feel in tune. I was actually planning to go for a photowalk one of these nights. If I do, pictures are coming straight after. Frosinone has some pretty interesting views and the weather helps.

Things are actually pretty good, despite the sad pic and title.

I’ll have a smoke in the freezing cold now.

And then just straight to bed.

Good times are coming.


Note: Samsung S7, straight out of camera. No editing necessary. I kinda dig this phone.


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