DayEighteen – TripBack

Woke up to an early start on thursday. Some work, some last minute shopping and the honorable Napoli defeat at the hands of the Real Madrid.

Left the room around noon and headed to the airport. Had lunch in the Etihad Lounge, which was surprisingly good.

Melbourne – February 2017

Onto my first flight. 14 hours.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017Melboutne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Somewhere Over the Indian Sea – February 2017

Landed late in Abu Dhabi, looking forward to the second leg which will lead me home. This second flight was pretty rough with a lot of turbulence. Hard time… last 7 hours but i really just wanted to be home by this time.

Abu Dhabi – February 2017

Last portion of the trip, train ride back home.

Rome – February 2017

Looks like home. Even though I just moved here.

Rome – February 2017

I’ll write more on this trip soon. Now i’m jet lagged and woke up at 4 am. Going to put a video together to share with Francesca including all the pictures of this post.



Winding down on my last full day here.  I really haven’t got the hang of this daily blog thing. I almost forgot, so this will be a half assed, entirely edited on my phone , mobile update from my bed. 

I did not run this morning or the whole day, despite my best intentions. 

Did get a good and light breakfast at Dukes though. 

Went to work half day today.  After these 2 and a half weeks I think i deserved the time.  Napped and went looking for something for Francesca. 

In the evening i went to watch a movie.  Arrival. 

On the way back i had a light dinner and a beer in a place that didn’t promise any good but ended up surprising me quite a bit with a pork and slaw toast. Place was called Beaufort and Ike’s.

After that went straight home. 

Tomorrow some work from the hotel, real Madrid-napoli, and finally my flight back. 

I may shoot up a post from Abu Dhabi. 


Woke up decently late, but just in time to not win at the raffle this morning. This was twice today… I’m a dumbass. I’ll be losing the next three days as well.

Anyway…. Mid-morning i headed down in St. Kilda for the festival. I took a lot a pictures. I actually have shot two rolls in the last two days, which in these dry times is actually really awesome. I’ll have quite a lot to develop when i get back home.

I can’t wait to get back home… this is getting heavy. Melbourne is cool, but 20 days is a long time. If this were an assignment, i’d be all over it. But i have my new house waiting back home. And most of all my girlfriend, who i can’t wait to see.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Thought this was kinda cool.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Harikrishna on the way back. It appears i run into them pretty much every business trip lately. Is this a message? They look cool and they have a great time. I might join them next time. But today, i was just happy to shoot pictures.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017


Got a run in this morning and some improvements are starting to show. The run around the park was just a few minutes faster, but the up the hill portion i was able to go through with less fatigue. I’d still love to be able to run with someone to push me, but this time the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk was good enough.

Ran into some youngsters playing… a local sport i can’t remember.

Melbourne – February 2017

I was expecting to be able to get a couple of rolls of RPX in that slick 2-roll cartridge. Unfortunately they were out, so i went to the next shop and after chatting a little with the guy behind the counter he gave me a discount to try out the Japan Camera Hunter film.

Film is really expensive down under.. it’s usually 18+ dollars, (roughly 13 euros.

Melbourne – February 2017

So after walking around taking pictures i went by the Yarra river and stopped again at Riverland where they have the awesome Californicator IPA.

Melbourne – February 2017

Two beers later i was ready for my nap. Woke up to so i could lose another raffle for the book of mormon tickets, and then headed north to Lygon St.

Astor hotel below, same name of my usual hotel in Frosinone. This one looks way nicer.

Melbourne – February 2017

Finished off my night after a pretty bad dinner at a thai restaurant on Lygon.

Melbourne – February 2017

Tomorrow i try the raffle again. Twice. Once at 11 the other at 5. Wish me luck…