Early morning once again and went back for the same coffee from yesterday.

Melbourne – February 2017

I decided to walk down the alley and not the main road and it turned out there were pictures to be taken.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Unfortunately, the coffee place JUST opened at 6 sharp, so I couldn’t take a picture of it. Maybe Friday.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Stepped out of work for a break and walked towards the water, right across the street from the company entrance. Pretty cool to have this so close.

Melbourne – February 2017

I took another nap after work, i’m still adjusting to the time zone, and i slept way more than i expected. So once i got up, i decided to explore the Summer Market event up in Victoria Market.

Melbourne – February 2017

It was pretty cool and a great opportunity to take some pictures. Burned through my first roll in a looong and i was glad to find out the minolta was up to the test of shooting at 1600 with decent shutter speeds. Now all i need to is develop and find out. I will definitely be developing and scanning these rolls soon. Popped in a new roll and will hopefully keep the rythm in the next few days.

Melbourne – February 2017

Big event tomorrow. I was invited to Michaels’ new Leica X10 presentation, really looking forward to it. Tomorrow i go to work later around lunch time. Some work from the room in the morning, but most of all, wake up at 6 and go for a run.

Melbourne – February 2017

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