Against all odds, Day Four started on the right foot. Literally. Running 6 and a half km at 6:30 am. Thinking about it now, at 11 pm, seems ages away. Below is the only picture i shot.

Melbourne – February 2017

Had a late start to work (8am, so not really) so i had a chance to get some decent breakfast. Black coffee + cold milk and some fresh fruit. City was already busy.

Melbourne – February 2017

Left this little gift to the cleaning lady. Wish i could have seen her face.

Melbourne – February 2017

After work, the event of the day. Launch of the Leica M10  at Michael’s. Never been to a launch before so it was cool.

Melbourne – February 2017

Ben King was the Leica Photographer to present.

Melbourne – February 2017

Leica Director for Australia. Probably my age… I have failed in life….

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

I tried it out and it is remarkable, but i would never get one. 6500 euros body only? C’mon.. The rangefinder looks is really bright though… I’m halfway in between wanting to join the cult and despising all these guys that show up with their billingham bag, their long beards and an M240 around their neck. I think i still want an M6 though… for sure before i have a kid. Hard to justify it after..

Melbourne – February 2017

Took the opportunity of a few drinks and snacks at the launch so i was able to skip dinner and just walk around. Surprisingly i wasn’t sore from the run and still am not. Tomorrow morning i’ll know for sure. I also tried to get tickets for the book of mormon, the Trey Parker and Matt Stone (southpark) musical but to no avail. Will try again in the next few days.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Walked around some more.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Then ended up at Bar Americano, and i will be back. Good advice from John, Canadian dude working at Michaels. The bar was good, drinks were good and the bartenders friendly. Also met a cool old Indian dude at the Leica launch, Guruswamy Perumal. I only know the name ’cause he gave me his business card. He takes picture with a Nikon and loves it.

Melbourne – February 2017

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