Day Five was all about work and walking. Did not shoot a picture until late in the afternoon. Decided to take the tram up to Brunswick and try out a burger place.

Melbourne – February 2017

After staring intensely at my phone even while i was having a delicious burger at Brother Burger, i stopped and put it away. I spent the following hour without touching my phone, not even to check the time. Amazingly, it was the best hour of the day and i enjoyed every minute of it. Sipping a good IPA, thinking about everything that came to my mind. I can’t say it enough. I enjoyed it. Have to do this more often.

Melbourne – February 2017

I walked from Brunswick way down to my hotel, for about an hour and a half. Two stops. One at a disappointing bar, which i was told was a speakeasy, turned out to be a noisy crappy place. Father’s something. Then got back on track by stopping again at Bar Americano. Didn’t get the White Russian i was craving, but settled on an Old Fashioned (amaro). Now i’m back in my room. Ready for tomorrow’s run, for the twelve apostles, and for the great ocean road!

Got an Ektar waiting for me.

Melbourne – February 2017

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