Hard start this week at work. At 6 am I was already getting my favorite 6 am coffee.  Not the best, but the best one available at that time.

So I’m starting to appreciate the early starts and early ends. I wish I could do that at home, just because of the extra daylight.. gotta get that vitamin D!

Took a break mid-morning for a quick ciggie  as they would call it over here. Good to have such a relaxing view just outside of work…

Ended the evening walking towards the Yarra riverside, and ending it just about now with a smoke and last sip of some good IPA. 

Notes: this upload was manged straight out of my phone (S7), edited with snapseed. Vintage filter and slight brightness adjustment. Out of laziness.

Another note for future reference: this beer is fucking awesome. Super hoppy, extra bitter, extremely tasty. Got it at Riverland down at Yarra riverside. 


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