Got a run in this morning and some improvements are starting to show. The run around the park was just a few minutes faster, but the up the hill portion i was able to go through with less fatigue. I’d still love to be able to run with someone to push me, but this time the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk was good enough.

Ran into some youngsters playing… a local sport i can’t remember.

Melbourne – February 2017

I was expecting to be able to get a couple of rolls of RPX in that slick 2-roll cartridge. Unfortunately they were out, so i went to the next shop and after chatting a little with the guy behind the counter he gave me a discount to try out the Japan Camera Hunter film.

Film is really expensive down under.. it’s usually 18+ dollars, (roughly 13 euros.

Melbourne – February 2017

So after walking around taking pictures i went by the Yarra river and stopped again at Riverland where they have the awesome Californicator IPA.

Melbourne – February 2017

Two beers later i was ready for my nap. Woke up to so i could lose another raffle for the book of mormon tickets, and then headed north to Lygon St.

Astor hotel below, same name of my usual hotel in Frosinone. This one looks way nicer.

Melbourne – February 2017

Finished off my night after a pretty bad dinner at a thai restaurant on Lygon.

Melbourne – February 2017

Tomorrow i try the raffle again. Twice. Once at 11 the other at 5. Wish me luck…


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