Woke up decently late, but just in time to not win at the raffle this morning. This was twice today… I’m a dumbass. I’ll be losing the next three days as well.

Anyway…. Mid-morning i headed down in St. Kilda for the festival. I took a lot a pictures. I actually have shot two rolls in the last two days, which in these dry times is actually really awesome. I’ll have quite a lot to develop when i get back home.

I can’t wait to get back home… this is getting heavy. Melbourne is cool, but 20 days is a long time. If this were an assignment, i’d be all over it. But i have my new house waiting back home. And most of all my girlfriend, who i can’t wait to see.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Thought this was kinda cool.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Harikrishna on the way back. It appears i run into them pretty much every business trip lately. Is this a message? They look cool and they have a great time. I might join them next time. But today, i was just happy to shoot pictures.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

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