Winding down on my last full day here.  I really haven’t got the hang of this daily blog thing. I almost forgot, so this will be a half assed, entirely edited on my phone , mobile update from my bed. 

I did not run this morning or the whole day, despite my best intentions. 

Did get a good and light breakfast at Dukes though. 

Went to work half day today.  After these 2 and a half weeks I think i deserved the time.  Napped and went looking for something for Francesca. 

In the evening i went to watch a movie.  Arrival. 

On the way back i had a light dinner and a beer in a place that didn’t promise any good but ended up surprising me quite a bit with a pork and slaw toast. Place was called Beaufort and Ike’s.

After that went straight home. 

Tomorrow some work from the hotel, real Madrid-napoli, and finally my flight back. 

I may shoot up a post from Abu Dhabi. 


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