Hot Hot Hot Summer – Milan 2017

These pictures are in extreme contrast with my current environment.

1 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF003
Milan – June 2017

Outside the temperature is around the -2 deg C. I’ve been in Germany since Friday for work and tried to make the most I could of my time spare here.

I was expecting to work the weekend and for reasons i’m not going to get into ended up having a day and a half all to myself. In light of the chance, i brought my two cameras of choice at this time. My blazing “new” F3 and semi-new Yashica Mat 124G. The first i only took out to test the light meter (i’ll get into that later, maybe), the latter has been my weapon of choice.

2 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF009-Edit-2
Milan – June 2017

From a weather perspective, Saturday was a full blown shitty day. Rain all day, I drove around without a destination around lake Bodensee but didn’t have the slightest chance to take the camera out. Seriously, it never stopped.

3 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF015-Edit
Milan – June 2017

So I was left with Sunday – woke up early (as i usually do lately) – and went to the pier.  Shot a roll of FP4 around there, loaded a CN200 roll and took the car and drove east along the lake. Almost completed the roll with 2 shots left.

Now I know – it’s not a lot. But still… I’m ok with it. There’s actually one shot still left.

4 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF014-Edit
Milan – June 2017

Saturday was however good for one reason. I found an old Gossen Sixtar light meter at a thrift store. Initially 10 euros, but when i asked to see if was working the lady opened the battery compartment to show all kinds of corrosions…. so two euros. DEAL!

5 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF028-Edit
Milan – June 2017

During lunch i moved the battery from the yashica to the light meter and lo and behold.. it works!! So that’s been my companion for the rest of the weekend..

6 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF030-Edit
Milan – June 2017

Unfortunately i wasn’t able to find the reciprocity failure corrections for the Role film, so i did hesitantly shoot 1 picture at night (cause that’s all that i’m left with after work) and i still got one in the barrel…

7 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF035-Edit
Milan – June 201

I did go running (twice!!) this week which surprises myself considering i haven’t been out in more than a month..

8 - 170600_Milano_Acros_SPF033-Edit
Milan – June 2017

So that’s my week so far. A lot of beer, film and pictures, Hop Along songs, a black Mercedes E200 that parks on its own and with a sucky bluetooth, fucking cold weather, bad food, running and work.

NOTES: Shot during (you guessed it) a business trip in Milan back in June 17. Only an afternoon at my disposal but managed to burn through a roll of Fuji Across (literally NO GRAIN). Spotmatic F – swapping the 35 mil 3.5 with the 50 mil 1.4.


Vietnam – December 2017

Ok so this is not how I saw this going… I took a long break from this blog but it doesn’t really correspond to a break in my pictures.

I written and deleted a lot of stuff here for this post..but this round i’m just going to let the pictures do the talking.

Here are some pictures from Saigon from December, shot with my backup Spotmatic body in Vietnam with Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600.

1 - 171218_Saigon_TX1600_SPF029
Saigon – December 2017


2 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2031
Saigon – December 2017


3 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2002
Saigon – December 2017
4 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2005
Saigon – December 2017
5 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2006
Saigon – December 2017
6 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2009
Saigon – December 2017
7 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2010
Saigon – December 2017
8 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2021
Saigon – December 2017
9 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2024
Saigon – December 2017
10 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2004
Saigon – December 2017
11 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2015
Saigon – December 2017
12 - 171218_Saigon_TX1600_SPF032
Saigon – December 2017
13 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2013
Saigon – December 2017
14 - 171218_Saigon_TX1600_SPF034
Saigon – December 2017
15 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2026
Saigon – December 2017
16 - 171219_Saigon_TX1600_SP2028
Saigon – December 2017

Needed this

Here in the Netherlands after a morning flight. Walked around Amsterdam in the afternoon, which aside from the canals reminds me a lot about Copenhagen. Came back to Almere in the evening for some work tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Shot some film during the day and resorted for the good ol’X100s for a solitary evening walk for dinner. By all means, these might be some of my crappiest pictures to date, but I really needed this tonight.

Probably without thinking, the intention of this walk was more of a warm up for Friday night, where I’m going to be back in Amsterdam. I didn’t bring any serious film camera with me mostly due to daylight savings and December… but also because I’m a little short on good film, specifically Tri-X. And I know I will be shooting A LOT of that in in a couple more weeks.. 🙂

BTW… I’m so happy with the Yashica 124G I bought, I can’t even express in words how happy I was to discover the exposure meter working!! Can’t believe I shot the first roll without it using my phone as a light meter… 🙂 Can’t wait to shoot more with it, but it’s going to be a while. Oh well…good to be here as usual. Night.










Useless day

Useless day

Here I am back where I feel like I’ve never left.

I don’t even have the balls to go check my last post, but I guess it really doesn’t matter. I’ve been bouncing all over the place lately, sleeping (at most) a couple of night at home and the rest around.

cPOyZNE - Imgur

Today was completely absorbed by work. I didn’t even go out for a run, which has actually become a decent part of my weekly routine lately. I’ve actually missed my runs for a week but that is the most for the past three months. Reason for tomorrow morning’s alarm clock at 6 am to take advantage of the place.

I couldn’t let today go by without doing something productive FOR ME.

So these pictures are the highlight of my day.  From beginning at 7 am…


cXK1ALI - Imgur

XhqoPJa - Imgur

….to tonight at 11:30 pm. Bodensee.

R1fVcDb - Imgur

All pictures taken on S7 –> uploaded to Imgur (because Mac…) –> Downloaded from Imgur –> Imported and slightly edited in Lightroom using Kodak Gold 100– preset.

Conquering Goals

Waking up late on a Saturday morning is not my preferred way to start weekends. I would honestly prefer waking up early with the entire day ahead of me, but then again, I normally think about sleeping in literally every single day of the week. So sometimes I allow myself to stay in bed a little longer. And this was one of those days…

Melbourne – February 2017


I got out of bed around 10:15 and stayed on the balcony for a few minutes. I had a choice. Either go make coffee and breakfast, have a cigarette and spend some time browsing random youtube videos on TV (my favorite couch potato activity). OR grab my cheap running gear, down a glass of water and get out of the house.

For me this is usually like jumping off a cliff. I just need to take that step. And so i did.

Melbuorne – February 2017

Ran 4.5km in 34 mins and my knee was killing me half way. Not much at all, but enough to keep me starting again.

Melbourne – February 2017

NOTES: All shot on trix pushed at 1600 (this was before my latest commitment). Not the pentax as usual (it was on the sidelines) but the trusty backup minolta m7000.

Making the most of your time

You play the cards you’re dealt.

99% of the people don’t get to do what makes them happy and gives them joy. At least not all the time. So you have to just bite the bullet and be aggressive. The world is not going to fall apart if you don’t give 110% ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

That was for me. Now on to this post…..

I’m slowly getting into the rhythm of getting a little more participation going on this blog and it’s starting to show.

Rome – April 2017

Yeah, a lot is because I started actively shooting again which is awesome. Yesterday I actually did one of the things i could only have wet dreams about while i was still down in the countryside in Puglia.

Mid-morning cigarette break allowed me to go grab a sandwich, which i ate while working around 12. So from 1:15 to 2:15 i had my time for whatever i wanted to do. I had my camera with me which wasn’t great because of the weight from home to work and back. BUT at 1:16 i was already heading down to Piazza di Spagna.

Rome – April 2017

So if you’re not from Rome, that’s one of the main tourists location. And for me it means a lot of photographic opportunities.

So around 1:40 i was there and i had a full 20 mins to fuck around. Not much at the end of the shoot, just 10 shots, but still worth it. I walked back and made it by 2:15 on the dot.

Now this can’t be an everyday thing, or maybe it can. But it felt good to stray away from the routine and do something i love.

Rome – Aprile 2017

So on to my improvement plans from my last post.

  1.  Less push on my film. ON PLAN
  2. Get away from Tri-X. ON PLAN – Shot some more HP5 yesterday and i have 3 more rolls to burn. I might buy some more.
  3. Use lunch break to shoot. ON PLAN.
  4. Run! PLANNED. Thinking about tomorrow…… we’ll see about that but that is the plan.

By the way, this was my view at 1:53 PM yesterday:

S7 – April 2017

Film makes a Comeback

Melbourne – February 2017

It’s been a long time since i posted any pictures taken on film here.  There’s a very simple reason behind it actually: my trusty Spotmatic started giving me some bad signs last July, with the mirror not coming back down randomly after shots. I did bring it along with me to Seattle for a couple of rolls, but once it started to produce the same erratic behaviour i definitely put it to rest until i was going to be able to fix it.

Melbourne – February 2017

Plus the fact that i was till down in Grottaglie didn’t help, there was no one i could go to…

Then came the move to Rome, but the new house was a priority. So long story short, i finally found a place here and brought it over to a small shot and got it repaired a little over a month ago.

Melbourne – February 2017

So for this Melbourne trip i was from earlier this year i was really upset… No Pentax, no backup (it was in storage) and just a compact Olympus XA to get me through. Luckily we found a house, got the shipment and took the Minolta M7000 with me for this one. No manual rewind, but better than the XA.

So fast forward to nowadays, late April, i’m back reunited with the Spotmatic and trying to make up for the lost time. Back into developing and scanning (already more than 10 rolls this last month).

So I got more and more on my hands. This is the first decent shot from the rejuvenated Pentax.

Rome – March 2017

So a few of good resolutions:

  1. Less push on Tri-x when it is not needed. It’s not winter, there’s enough daylight and unless i’m on business trips where i only get out at night, i really don’t need to shoot at 1600 all the time. Plus 24 mins of development time is too fucking much… And i honestly like the plain Tri-X at 400.
  2. Get away from Tri-X. This came from shooting Japan Camera Hunter’s film (shots above in Melbourne). I really like how it looks, to the point i want to diversify. Who gives a fuck about continuity on the style. It’s just black and white… So i already shot a couple of HP5s and bought 4 more.
  3. The most difficult and important: use my lunch breaks to walk around and shoot.
  4. Same difficulty as 3. Start running again. Really need it.

Below, is HP5.

Napoli – April 2017