Needed this

Here in the Netherlands after a morning flight. Walked around Amsterdam in the afternoon, which aside from the canals reminds me a lot about Copenhagen. Came back to Almere in the evening for some work tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Shot some film during the day and resorted for the good ol’X100s for a solitary evening walk for dinner. By all means, these might be some of my crappiest pictures to date, but I really needed this tonight.

Probably without thinking, the intention of this walk was more of a warm up for Friday night, where I’m going to be back in Amsterdam. I didn’t bring any serious film camera with me mostly due to daylight savings and December… but also because I’m a little short on good film, specifically Tri-X. And I know I will be shooting A LOT of that in in a couple more weeks.. 🙂

BTW… I’m so happy with the Yashica 124G I bought, I can’t even express in words how happy I was to discover the exposure meter working!! Can’t believe I shot the first roll without it using my phone as a light meter… 🙂 Can’t wait to shoot more with it, but it’s going to be a while. Oh well…good to be here as usual. Night.











Useless day

Useless day

Here I am back where I feel like I’ve never left.

I don’t even have the balls to go check my last post, but I guess it really doesn’t matter. I’ve been bouncing all over the place lately, sleeping (at most) a couple of night at home and the rest around.

cPOyZNE - Imgur

Today was completely absorbed by work. I didn’t even go out for a run, which has actually become a decent part of my weekly routine lately. I’ve actually missed my runs for a week but that is the most for the past three months. Reason for tomorrow morning’s alarm clock at 6 am to take advantage of the place.

I couldn’t let today go by without doing something productive FOR ME.

So these pictures are the highlight of my day.  From beginning at 7 am…


cXK1ALI - Imgur

XhqoPJa - Imgur

….to tonight at 11:30 pm. Bodensee.

R1fVcDb - Imgur

All pictures taken on S7 –> uploaded to Imgur (because Mac…) –> Downloaded from Imgur –> Imported and slightly edited in Lightroom using Kodak Gold 100– preset.

Making the most of your time

You play the cards you’re dealt.

99% of the people don’t get to do what makes them happy and gives them joy. At least not all the time. So you have to just bite the bullet and be aggressive. The world is not going to fall apart if you don’t give 110% ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

That was for me. Now on to this post…..

I’m slowly getting into the rhythm of getting a little more participation going on this blog and it’s starting to show.

Rome – April 2017

Yeah, a lot is because I started actively shooting again which is awesome. Yesterday I actually did one of the things i could only have wet dreams about while i was still down in the countryside in Puglia.

Mid-morning cigarette break allowed me to go grab a sandwich, which i ate while working around 12. So from 1:15 to 2:15 i had my time for whatever i wanted to do. I had my camera with me which wasn’t great because of the weight from home to work and back. BUT at 1:16 i was already heading down to Piazza di Spagna.

Rome – April 2017

So if you’re not from Rome, that’s one of the main tourists location. And for me it means a lot of photographic opportunities.

So around 1:40 i was there and i had a full 20 mins to fuck around. Not much at the end of the shoot, just 10 shots, but still worth it. I walked back and made it by 2:15 on the dot.

Now this can’t be an everyday thing, or maybe it can. But it felt good to stray away from the routine and do something i love.

Rome – Aprile 2017

So on to my improvement plans from my last post.

  1.  Less push on my film. ON PLAN
  2. Get away from Tri-X. ON PLAN – Shot some more HP5 yesterday and i have 3 more rolls to burn. I might buy some more.
  3. Use lunch break to shoot. ON PLAN.
  4. Run! PLANNED. Thinking about tomorrow…… we’ll see about that but that is the plan.

By the way, this was my view at 1:53 PM yesterday:

S7 – April 2017

Another 2 week Stint – Frosinone_Foggia

I had very little time to enjoy the house and it was back on the road again, the place where i spent the most of this 2017. And I’m not in either of those places anymore… Writing from Tel Aviv. But that’s another post.

Frosinone – February 2017
Frosinone – February 2017

This time around I did not rent. I felt like driving my own car, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I must say. Even without the speed control, the little-to-no care of driving a rental, the park-where-I-feel-like type of approach, I missed my good old focus and hopefully will get her on the road as soon as I get another chance.

Frosinone – February 2017
Frosinone – February 2017

With that said, it hasn’t been too bad being away from home as I think. The hotels are decent and I get to see cool places. I would like to spend some more time and get to know Rome better. It’ll come…

Foggia – March 2017
Foggia – March 2017

This last hotel in Foggia, i knew what i was getting into. Some kind of Shining deal… but it’s comfortable and peaceful. Maybe a little too much.

Foggia – March 2017

And the restaurant sucks.

Foggia – March 2017

Last morning.. go to work, drive 4 hours home with a pit stop at home to surprise my parents, and off back to Rome with one night stop at home. Next morning, afternoon flight to Tel Aviv.

Foggia – March 2017

Notes: All S7 again. I’m shooting Tri-X@800 with the Olympus XA but I have a huge backlog of film to develop. I sent the rolls of color to the lab and will pick them up next week, so more film to come. For now just cell 😦 i did learn through these posts that the cell phone editor is fine but not phenomenal. Tried one picture with Snapseed and liked it much more, so I will stick to that going forward.

DayEighteen – TripBack

Woke up to an early start on thursday. Some work, some last minute shopping and the honorable Napoli defeat at the hands of the Real Madrid.

Left the room around noon and headed to the airport. Had lunch in the Etihad Lounge, which was surprisingly good.

Melbourne – February 2017

Onto my first flight. 14 hours.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017Melboutne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017
Somewhere Over the Indian Sea – February 2017

Landed late in Abu Dhabi, looking forward to the second leg which will lead me home. This second flight was pretty rough with a lot of turbulence. Hard time… last 7 hours but i really just wanted to be home by this time.

Abu Dhabi – February 2017

Last portion of the trip, train ride back home.

Rome – February 2017

Looks like home. Even though I just moved here.

Rome – February 2017

I’ll write more on this trip soon. Now i’m jet lagged and woke up at 4 am. Going to put a video together to share with Francesca including all the pictures of this post.


Winding down on my last full day here.  I really haven’t got the hang of this daily blog thing. I almost forgot, so this will be a half assed, entirely edited on my phone , mobile update from my bed. 

I did not run this morning or the whole day, despite my best intentions. 

Did get a good and light breakfast at Dukes though. 

Went to work half day today.  After these 2 and a half weeks I think i deserved the time.  Napped and went looking for something for Francesca. 

In the evening i went to watch a movie.  Arrival. 

On the way back i had a light dinner and a beer in a place that didn’t promise any good but ended up surprising me quite a bit with a pork and slaw toast. Place was called Beaufort and Ike’s.

After that went straight home. 

Tomorrow some work from the hotel, real Madrid-napoli, and finally my flight back. 

I may shoot up a post from Abu Dhabi.